Stapling printwork

  • Optimal results

    Once we have printed your brochure, book or magazine, your publication is still not ‘finished’. Drukkerij Van Der Poorten can provide you with a beautifully finished final product. We can staple, fold, bind, or laminate your printing order. Whichever type of finishing you require, we can handle this for you, and can do it all in-house. Because we can handle the entire creative process for you, you will always benefit from competitive prices and fast delivery times.

We provide stapling services

We collate brochures, leaflets, magazines and other printed materials using machines, and then bind the pages in the middle with two staples. In stapling your documents, we can use flat staples as well as omega stapling, depending on your needs. Both systems result in the same quick and efficient processing.

Expertise as a staple service

Would you also like for us to handle the stapling for the printing orders you entrust to us? Contact us for further information or a quotation. We can handle your printing orders, from pre-press to finishing and shipping.


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