Our pre-press department

  • Pre-press experts

    Whether we print your magazines, brochures or catalogues for you, every design must be made print-ready first. You can count on the experts in our pre-press department for this. No matter how you supply us with your texts, they will make sure that these are always made digitally print-ready in the most efficient manner. We also work pro-actively with you to come up with solutions, and make suggestions for an even faster, more efficient or more attractive result.

    The best ways to supply your files

Ready to print

Once you have sent us your documents, the experienced designers in our pre-press department will convert these to create attractive, well-balanced digital files. We discuss in detail with you what still needs to be done, and the modifications we will have to apply in printing them. All of our super-fast Apple computers are linked to our imposition system and our computer-to-plate system, which produces printing plates from an online file.

We are also always available to process PDF files that you supply. Read here about the best ways to supply your files.

Find out more about pre-press

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our pre-press department or for a quotation at no obligation. The complete creative process for your printing orders is in good hands with us, regardless what you have in mind.

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