Folding printwork

  • Customised finishing

    We not only print your orders, but we can also provide you with the complete finishing work in our own printing facility. Folding, stapling, gluing, processing, stitching or binding; we can do it all. This means you can focus on your core business.

Everything falls into place

Your leaflets, brochures, books or magazines... They all must first be folded before they can undergo further processing. Drukkerij Van Der Poorten has mastered the art of folding printwork, and perfected it. Whether you are looking for roll, zig-zag or right-angle folding, we will ensure the folding is done professionally and the way you want it.

Find out more

Would you also like for us to fold your order after it has been printed? If so, contact us today for further information or a quotation. We would be happy to help with your customised order. You can also rely on Drukkerij Van Der Poorten for the shipping and/or delivery of the orders we have printed for you.


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