Delivering printwork

  • Direct delivery to the customer

    A new brochure, annual report or magazine... Whatever you decide to have us print, one thing is certain: you naturally want your printed materials to be delivered directly to your customer. To ensure we can deliver the printing orders we produce as fast as possible, we take care of the delivery or shipping ourselves.

Count on our drivers

Once it leaves the press, printing orders have to be on their way to the customer as quickly as possible. At Drukkerij Van Der Poorten, we have our own vehicles and drivers, so we can be on the ball when it comes to delivering your orders. We can deliver anywhere in Belgium, from the West-Flanders and Antwerp areas to the province of Luxembourg. We deliver your orders directly to your customer, wherever they may be.

At your service

Are you looking for an all-round printer that can handle the entire creative process for you, from A to Z? Drukkerij Van Der Poorten is an expert in the printing, finishing, and delivery of your printwork. Contact us for further information about our services or a quotation.


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